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Save Thousands On Your Home Loan

Save thousands on your home loan, simply by reviewing your mortgage rate and refinancing.Save Thousands on Your Home Loan

If you haven’t refinanced in the last 4 or 5 years, chances are you’re paying way to much interest. Even with variable  mortgages, banks don’t seem to reduce the interest rates when the official rates fall! With current home loans at around 3.5% to 4%, you can save thousands a year simply by refinancing and getting the better rate. Use our free mortgage repayment calculator below to see how much you could save.

If you want to  stop the pain but don’t want to deal with banks contact us  and we’ll put you on to our friendly mortgage broker, that will do most of the hard work for you.


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Why even use a tax accountant when I can do it myself online?

I get asked “what do you charge”  all the time. The funny thing is they’re not comparing me with another Tax Accountant, although they should I’m fantastic value for money, they’re asking because they’re considering doing it themselves.

tax with a tax accountant

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

The online options are pretty convenient, but the online form isn’t going to;

  1. Ask you the right questions specific to your tax return,
  2. Look for extra possible tax deductions or even taxable incomes, given the things you’ve eluded to, given your unique situation.
  3. Comply with the laws for things you’ve forgotten to put in the form.
  4. Comply with the laws for things you remembered but put in to the form, but in the wrong section.
  5. Answer the ATO’s questions when you get an audit.

The real question isn’t “how much do you charge”? You should be asking:

  1. Am I confident my tax return is correct if I do it my self.
  2. How much money do you save in tax payable by using a Tax Accountant?
  3. How much do you increase your refund by using a Tax Accountant?
  4. How much time do you save by using a Tax Accountant?
  5. How much time do I save you if you get audited by using a Tax Accountant?
  6. If you do it yourself, are you getting all your deductions you’re entitled to.
  7. Is prison food any good?


vTax has a nice balance of the doing most of the boring stuff online. No postage, no printing, signing then posting back. You don’t even need to scan anything. But once all the stuff you think is relevant has been entered via vTax online process, a real experience tax accountant will call you to enquire on anything that needs attention.

Savings Guide is a great Australian resource for getting ahead, and has also given a good case for when and when not to use a Tax Accountant.

Contact Nick now to see how much better using a professional is when preparing your and lodging your tax return


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