Tax Deductions Without Receipts

Can’t be bothered going through all your receipts to find your tax deductions or business expenses, then entering them into a spread sheet or email for your accountant?

This Video will show you how to grab your deductions or expenses the fast way.

Unless you’re spending a lot of physical cash most if not all your deductions are already sitting in your bank account or credit card transaction history. But how do we get these tax deductions out of our bank and send them to our accountants quickly?

Exporting your transactions to a spread sheet then deleting the personal transactions!

This is easily done with all banks websites now offering exportable reports in spreadsheet format.

Just repeat this step and download a spreadsheet for each of the bank accounts or credit card accounts you may have used to pay for your deductions.

The more tax deductions we find, the bigger your tax refund.

Please call or email Nick if you need any further help.

Tax Deductions

Tax Deductions

Asset (e.g. office equipment)
Advertising and promotion
Bank fees and charges
Borrowing expenses
Cartage and freight
Cleaning and rubbish removal
Contract Payments
Drench, dip
Environment protection exp
Fuel and oil
Government charges, fees, etc
Hire or rent of plant, equip.
Home office (e.g. electricity or % of rent)
Insurance premiums
Interest (Australian)
Interest (overseas)
Landcare/water conservation
Lease payments
Legal fees
Materials and supplies
Pest and weed control
Printing and stationery
Protective clothing etc
Rates and land taxes (Rental Properties or Business premises only)
Rent on land and buildings
Replacements (tools etc)
Royalties (Australian)
Salaries, wages – ordinary
Salaries, wages – associates
Subscriptions & publications
Sundry expenses
Superannuation – ordinary
Travel & accommodation
Veterinary expenses (only if work or business related)
Superannuation – associates

The ATO provides more excellent information on work tax deductions & business tax expenses.